My AMAZING new computer

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It’s been years in the making, but it’s finally here!!! MY NEW COMPUTER And not just any new computer… this one was BUILT BY MEEEEE!!!! Yep, I went through a super fast-paced crash course on how to build a computer, and then set about putting that knowledge into practice. What … Read More

The equipment I use

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Over the years I’ve gathered quite a few amazing pieces of equipment, so I thought I’d showcase it here and let you know what I think about each piece. In May 2015 I went to the MCM London Comic Con (if you haven’t been, you MUST GO! It’s AWESOME!!!), and … Read More

AUGUST 2016 – Conspectus

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August was a bit of a break from things and a mad dash to clean up my flat before my folks arrived from Australia on 10th August. I borrowed my friends’ Vax to wash my carpet (oh my god I want a Vax, they are so awesome!!!), and I scoured … Read More

JULY 2016 – Conspectus

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July started off with the Watford Comic Con. It was a one-day thing, which was quite exhausting, but it was really great fun! Driving to Watford took me an hour, and it takes me about 2 hours to set up my table, so it was a really early start (the … Read More

Draw With Jazza London meetup

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Draw With Jazza Saturday 23 July 2016 – 12-3pm If you don’t know who Jazza is, then make sure you check out his YouTube Channel here. He’s a amazing artist, located in Australia, and he set up a London meetup while he was visiting the UK with his family! How … Read More

JUNE 2016 – Conspectus

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This month I discovered my printer will print onto canvas. CANVAS! Hooray! I also found out I could get some pretty decent blank canvasses to make some spray painted designs, using my Silhouette Portrait cutter to make stencils. YES! And that’s not all (because things seem to come in threes), … Read More

MAY 2016 – Conspectus

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This May has been the final run up to my very first convention! MCM Comic Con was on 27-29 May, and I’ve been working my butt off to get everything prepared. Printing my own prints. Making my own jewellery pieces. And ordering in a whole load of tshirts. The tshirt … Read More

APRIL 2016 – Conspectus

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April was a month of bits and pieces, plus a new addition. The first half (quarter, really) I was still on holiday in Australia.. and I reluctantly had to drag my ass back to the UK and back to work on my birthday! Sad times! But it was also back … Read More

MARCH 2016 – Conspectus

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March has been a half/half month. Half convention prep. Half holiday. The first half was a flurry of making jewellery, organising things, and spending way too much money on supplies! I also bought my printer, the Canon Pixma Pro 100s – YAY! I’ll be printing my own prints to sell at … Read More

FEBRUARY 2016 – Conspectus

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February has been full of convention planning! I’ve been gathering ideas, and ordering in supplies like crazy. Sooooo many ideas, and I feel like I have so little time! My first convention is at the end of May. Its the MCM London Comic Con – and I CAN’T WAIT!!!! I … Read More

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