MARCH 2016 – Conspectus

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March has been a half/half month.

Half convention prep.

Half holiday.

The first half was a flurry of making jewellery, organising things, and spending way too much money on supplies! I also bought my printer, the Canon Pixma Pro 100s – YAY! I’ll be printing my own prints to sell at Comic Cons this year. It’s been a bit of a mad scramble to plan and organise things but I’m getting there. April will see a lot of this ‘gathering’ phase come together.

The second half of March was spent on holiday! I went back to Australia to see my family, and chill out! I gave my Nanna the dragon drawing that I did – she loved it 🙂 I also gave her my VR headset to try out. It was so funny watching her reaction! At 98 years old she’s seen a lot of things, and now she’s seen the universe (Star Chart VR app) all around her.