JUNE 2016 – Conspectus

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This month I discovered my printer will print onto canvas. CANVAS! Hooray!

I also found out I could get some pretty decent blank canvasses to make some spray painted designs, using my Silhouette Portrait cutter to make stencils. YES!

And that’s not all (because things seem to come in threes), I’ve started work on some new geeky necklaces that I love love love!!!

But let’s rewind a little…

Brighton Comic Con

At the start of the month I attended my first Showmasters Comic Con, in Brighton, and it was great fun! I had a table with some space down the side where I could set up my tshirts on a rack for people to peruse at their leisure, and the event was so chilled out (although, it wasn’t very busy. In fact it was pretty dead.. but still great!!). It wasn’t as stressful driving to Brighton, maybe because this wasn’t my first convention ever, but the car parking price did shake me a little. It was over £20 per day!!! Ouch. That’s £27 to park at the NCP car park while I set up (never parking there again!), and I think I paid £20 per day for the Churchill Shopping Centre car park. Oh, it hurt! 🙁

But, like I said, I had a great time and I managed to sell enough to make back the cost of my table and the car park.. although when you add in the cost of my materials I don’t think I’m profiting at all. Yet. *sigh* Oh well. I just love being there, selling my things, talking to people, seeing the amazing costumes, and just being around ‘my people’. It makes me smile just thinking about it. Check out the photos further down the page! Hodor was there!

Back to the grind…

So, while my first two conventions went well, it didn’t throw me into millionaire status, so it was back to the grind. I’ve had dozens of ideas and had loads of inspiration to work with, but being slightly hampered by my budget I’m having to put these plans into motion quite slowly. I also paid for my next convention, which was a last minute decision, which will be in Watford on Sunday 3 July. It’s going to be tiring being just a one day event. I’ll have to get up before dawn to drive there and set up before the convention opens, but I’ve got the convention bug now so I want to do as many as possible (btw, not the convention bug, as in sickness-from-hell, I mean convention addiction. I want MOAR!).

MCM London in October

So, for my next Comic Con (in Watford, 3 July), I’ll have some of my new items ready to sell, but not all. I’m aiming to have everything ready for when I’m back at MCM London in October. YES I got a table! It was such a mega stressful time during the booking process for that. Sooooo damn stressful. I’m talking major coronary time. Ok, maybe not that bad, but almost. MCM did a double flip on us and presented us with a difficult decision for booking a table:

  • Keep your same table, guaranteed……… for £75 extra!!!!
  • Scramble for a table with all the other traders, but pay the same price as before

Oh, the stress of it. I’m not one to gamble, so I really didn’t want to go into the scrum with all the other traders vying for a table, so I pre-booked. But that extra £75 hurt (and angered) me. That puts my MCM London table price up to £425. Ouch. That’s £425 worth of stuff I have to sell, and then some to cover material costs, before I start making a little profit for my time and hard work 🙁 🙁 🙁

Why, MCM, why have you done this? Not only have you gouged into our profits, but you’ve made it so that the best locations are likely to have already been pre-booked. And by taking the gamble to not pre-book means that there could potentially be NO tables available. And that £75….. 🙁

But I won’t dwell.. you don’t need to hear about my butthurt. Moving on.

Here are some pics from June. We’re halfway through the year now, and summer is starting to show her sunny face 🙂