Ummm… I’m just drawing pictures, making jewellery, and having a blast. What are you doing?

wicked-selfieIt’s for sale in my online shops:

Redbubble shop

Society6 shop

Design By Humans shop


It may also pop up again on a shirt-a-day site, so follow me on Instagram or Twitter for updates.

I’m usually at MCM Comic Con London in May and October.

Follow me on Instagram or Twitter for updates.

It varies from shop to shop, but most tshirts start around £18 from Redbubble, $22US at Society6, and just $20US from TeePublic. It just depends where you want to buy it from, and what type of tshirt you want (v-neck, tank top, etc). Please don’t quote me on those prices. I don’t set the base price of the tshirts, and they could change at any time. I only set my royalty amount, which is minimal. Please visit my Tshirts page or Shops page for links to my online shops.

Tshirts that are on sale at a shirt-a-day site are around $10-12 depending on the site – but they’re only available for 24 hours! Follow me on Instagram or Twitter for updates of when any of my designs have been accepted for print at one of those sites.

Yes! Feel free to send pics to my Facebook page, or you can email them here: swanstardesigns [a] gmail dot com (I wrote it like that so dirty little spam bots don’t crash my inbox!).

You’ll need to contact the website that you bought it from. I don’t have any hand in the manufacturing or distribution of the products. I only create the art.
I am always open to suggestions, but sometimes the issue of copyright prevents a really great design idea from being feasible.

Also, the amount of time I get to spend on my artwork is very limited, and I’ve already got dozens of ideas that I want to get started on, so its unlikely I’ll be able to fit it in.

Maybe… send me an email with your requirements and we’ll go from there.

No. My time is not free. Time is money, my friend… time is money. And there’s never enough of either to go round.
Seriously, though, would you work for free??? This question is really stupid – don’t ever ask it!

No. I would prefer to keep control of what my artwork is associated with. But thank you for asking.

Yes, of course. I love tattoos, and would love to see pictures of the finished tattoo.

The magic answer is: “A great idea, well executed”

Sorry, I really don’t have any magic answers. I’m still amazed that I’ve even sold one item. I get lots of rejections, but I’ve persevered and luckily some designs have been picked up.

The only point I will say, is if you don’t try you’ll never succeed!

Keep an eye on the shirt-a-day blogs, artwork sites, and follow lots of other tshirt designers… there is always something to learn.

Also keep an eye on my YouTube Channel as I’ll likely be creating some tutorials soon!

I use Illustrator or Photoshop (or both), and I have a Cintiq 27HD. I’m mainly self-taught, although I have done an Illustrator course. I’ve watched a lot of tutorials, and picked up tips and tricks everywhere.

My method isn’t very exact. When I come up with an idea I create a folder on my ‘puter and gather loads of reference pictures. Then I just jump right in and start drawing it straight in Illustrator. Sometimes I’ll start with a pen sketch in a notepad, but only just to jot down the main idea.

For screen printing each colour needs one screen. And screens cost money! The shirt-a-day sites keep their colour limit to between 4-6, sometimes more sometimes less.

There are some clever methods you can use to give the illusion that more colours were used, but the real trick is just making a design work with a limited palette.

Yes, that’s true. They use a different printing method, which allows the full spectrum of colours to be printed. Sometimes I’ll amend a design to use gradients and more colours, but generally I’ll just leave the artwork as it was originally designed for a shirt-a-day site, otherwise its like making a design twice!

Sorry, I really don’t have the time. Besides, I’m still learning myself!