Welcome to the website of Kathryn Swan.

SwanStar DesignsHere you’ll find digital artwork, tshirt designs, skeleton key jewellery, and the wild rantings of a creative lunatic.

I’ve created a beautiful collection of fantasy inspired necklaces & earrings made from skeleton keys, wire, charms and gemstones, and I sell them via Etsy.

My digital artwork is originally designed for colour-limited shirt-a-day sites, like teeVillain and Ript Apparel, and I have been very lucky to have had a few prints so far, which you can see in my Portfolio. You can see ALL of my designs in my Gallery, and my Facebook page is where I usually post new updates first, as well as on my News page.

I sell my digital artwork in various online shops. Most of my designs are made for tshirts and other clothes, but you can also buy prints, cards, posters, stickers, phone cases, fabric, giftwrap, mugs, bags, pillows, and even clocks and wallpaper!

If you would like to receive updates of when I write a new website post, please subscribe. You can also occasionally find me on InstagramTwitterTumblrDeviant Art, and Pinterest. If you’re still reading at this point, then thank you, and if you want to read more check out my About page. I hope you find something here that you like. I’m certainly having lots of fun creating all these crazy designs. I’ve got so much planned for the future, so stick around.


Unplanned Hiatus!
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TL;DR I moved house. Decorating and organising has taken up all my art time. I’ll get back into the swing of things soon! Note: I drop the f-bomb a lot The past few... Read More

Fancy Blue Box
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LET THE BATTLE COMMENCE! This week at TeeVillain another six artists battle it out in Round One, part two… me included! I’m up against some pretty stiff competition.. the artwork of my foes... Read More

Testing Rafflecopter
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This is a test I’m running a test giveaway on my SwanStar Designs Facebook page, and I need a few entries so I can give it a thorough test. There is no prize,... Read More

Something Wicked This Way Comes
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TeeVillain has something wicked planned… and it all kicks off on Monday 16th June 2014. If you’ve been following their Facebook page you may have seen a series of cryptic posts: If you’ve... Read More