I draw digital and traditional artwork influenced by pop-culture, fantasy and sci-fi. I also make jewellery from skeleton keys.

You can view my artwork in the Gallery, and you can buy most designs from my various online shops. My artwork is mainly designed for tshirts, but you can also buy prints, cards, posters, stickers, and a huge range of other amazing things!

If you would like to receive updates follow me on Instagram, FacebookTwitterTumblr, and Deviant Art. If you want to read more about me view the About page.

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Draw With Jazza London meetup

Draw With Jazza Saturday 23 July 2016 – 12-3pm If you don’t know who Jazza is, then make sure you check out his YouTube Channel here. He’s a amazing artist, located in Australia, and he set up a London meetup while he was visiting the UK with his family!... Read More

JUNE 2016 – Conspectus

This month I discovered my printer will print onto canvas. CANVAS! Hooray! I also found out I could get some pretty decent blank canvasses to make some spray painted designs, using my Silhouette Portrait cutter to make stencils. YES! And that’s not all (because things seem to come in... Read More

MAY 2016 – Conspectus

This May has been the final run up to my very first convention! MCM Comic Con was on 27-29 May, and I’ve been working my butt off to get everything prepared. Printing my own prints. Making my own jewellery pieces. And ordering in a whole load of tshirts. The... Read More

APRIL 2016 – Conspectus

April was a month of bits and pieces, plus a new addition. The first half (quarter, really) I was still on holiday in Australia.. and I reluctantly had to drag my ass back to the UK and back to work on my birthday! Sad times! But it was also... Read More