I draw digital and traditional artwork influenced by pop-culture, fantasy and sci-fi. I also make jewellery from skeleton keys.

You can view my artwork in the Gallery, and you can buy most designs from my various online shops. My artwork is mainly designed for tshirts, but you can also buy prints, cards, posters, stickers, and a huge range of other amazing things!

If you would like to receive updates follow me on Instagram, FacebookTwitterTumblr, and Deviant Art. If you want to read more about me view the About page.

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APRIL 2016 – Conspectus

April was a month of bits and pieces, plus a new addition. The first half (quarter, really) I was still on holiday in Australia.. and I reluctantly had to drag my ass back to the UK and back to work on my birthday! Sad times! But it was also... Read More

MARCH 2016 – Conspectus

March has been a half/half month. Half convention prep. Half holiday. The first half was a flurry of making jewellery, organising things, and spending way too much money on supplies! I also bought my printer, the Canon Pixma Pro 100s – YAY! I’ll be printing my own prints to sell... Read More

FEBRUARY 2016 – Conspectus

February has been full of convention planning! I’ve been gathering ideas, and ordering in supplies like crazy. Sooooo many ideas, and I feel like I have so little time! My first convention is at the end of May. Its the MCM London Comic Con – and I CAN’T WAIT!!!!... Read More


I’ve added a calendar to my website so that I can keep track of everything going on this year. I’ll be adding these categories: Comic Cons I’m attending as an artist (5 so far!) Limited edition tshirt print dates YouTube videos Random Read More